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There is more to Watford than just a football team. Watford escorts have some of Hertfordshire’s most beautiful women, just a phone call away. You can get an escort to your home, hotel or a venue of your choice within 30 minutes. One thing we can say is that our Ladies are still in the premiership.


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When you book a Watford escort and she arrives at your door the first thing you will see is a beaming smile from a beautiful lady. Watford escorts are a vising and escort service where you simply chose a lady of choice and she will arrange to meet you at a venue of your choice. From phone call to appointment the girl will arrive at your door usually within 30 minutes traffic permitting, if you choose to have book a girl during the day she will normally quote 45/50 minutes due to congestion.

To book one of our beautiful companions please visit Our contact page or call 01923 375240 where our receptionists will be able to help you.

We are a long established agency that has built up an outstanding reputation over the years. Our ladies are a credit to our agency for their integrity, honesty and discretion.




Recent Blog Posts

  • The Perfect Woman
    The perfect woman
    January 30th, 2015

    Sometimes the compliment refers to my personality, my upbeat, outgoing and friendly attitude. Sometimes it refers to my physical attributes. But it does make me wonder if there is such a thing as a ‘perfect woman’ because after all I know other escorts who have been called the same and yet they are quite different in appearance and personality to me. Physically I suppose I meet all the stereotypical requirements of a hot babe.

  • Sex
    Let’s talk about – Sex
    January 28th, 2015

    If you don’t believe me just pick up any tabloid newspaper and have a browse through it. If it isn’t ‘which celebrity is getting it on with which other celebrity’ it is who is breaking up with whom. Then there are the horoscopes which focus on sexual partners, marriage and the like and you also have the problems’ pages which are dominated by sex. In everyday conversations people will frequently talk about sex

  • Intimacy
    Let’s talk about - flirting
    January 26, 2015

    Being flirtatious is part and parcel of my personality and what’s wrong with an innocent bit of innuendo anyway. Flirting comes naturally to me and I’m very comfortable in the company of saucy guys with a twinkle in their eye. To be fair to those who would be uncomfortable with a wife or girlfriend talking about sex – even if it’s done in a light-hearted kind of way - I suppose there have to be limits to any flirtatious interaction.

  • Relationships
    Let’s talk about - Cheating on a partner
    January 24th, 2015

    I have had clients who just don’t get all that much affection at home and others who just need a break from domesticity. There are guys out there who are analogous to a caged lion and mowing the lawn on a Sunday and traipsing around a DIY store just isn’t the real them and yet after a certain length of time married this is exactly what happens to some people – the fire and passion of the early part of a relationship replaced by the damp squib of suburban family life. Some of these men still love their partners but they need excitement, a little intimacy, a bit of flirty fun. And if they were to reveal their extra-curricular activities? Well, perish the thought.

  • Battle of the Sexes
    Lets Talk about - breaking up
    January 22nd, 2015

    I think us girls are better at the whole splitting up scenario thing. Speaking with some other escorts about this we agreed that there are ways of dumping someone so subtly they don’t even realise until they find the bed empty that it’s even happened. This isn’t the same as a guy’s idea of subtle, i.e. saying “it’s my fault, not yours…” That just sounds so phoney! No, women know how to let a man down gently, and even when it’s all BS it will sound genuine, heartfelt and sincere.

  • Romantic Love
    Let’s talk about – Romantic Love
    January 19th, 2015

    if you believe such a thing exists. When I have the ‘hots’ for someone I feel a physical thing going on inside of my body, a warmth in certain nether regions, butterflies in the stomach, a strange elation in my head. When I have been ‘in love’ it’s more of a sickly feeling with occasional moments of intense joy – like spasms of happiness which quickly pass. But how are these physical manifestations of passion and intimacy represented in the rituals and tradition associated with St Valentine’s Day? I think not.


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Our experienced team are at the end of the phone 7 days per week; if you need any advice on your chosen Watford Escort then they will be able to help you. You can call us on 01923 375240 any time. We also have the ability to make online bookings direct with the girls; you can choose this option from their profile page. If you do have the pleasure of seeing one of our stunning ladies we would appreciate any feedback that you may have.

This site is mobile friendly and should work across all platforms, if you have had any difficulty please contact us so we can fix any issues and make your next browsing experience more pleasurable.

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Watford Escorts is always on the lookout for bubbly, enthusiastic girls who can be a credit to our busy agency. So if you woulf like to work as escort in a safe environment with a large client base please call our reception on 01923 375240 or click on the link below to apply on online.

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