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When you book a Watford escort and she arrives at your door the first thing you will see is a beaming smile from a beautiful lady. Watford escorts are a vising and escort service where you simply chose a lady of choice and she will arrange to meet you at a venue of your choice. From phone call to appointment the girl will arrive at your door usually within 30 minutes traffic permitting, if you choose to have book a girl during the day she will normally quote 45/50 minutes due to congestion.

To book one of our beautiful companions please visit Our contact page or call 01923 375240 where our receptionists will be able to help you.

We are a long established agency that has built up an outstanding reputation over the years. Our ladies are a credit to our agency for their integrity, honesty and discretion.


Booking an Escort

How do I book a Watford escort?

You are able to book one of our beautiful escorts and lets face it they are beautiful women, simply by calling our friendly and discreet booking team on 01923 375240 where they will assist you in choosing the most compatible escort with you. Your chosen escort will then call you to confirm your booking details and together you can arrange the time, duration and location of your time together.

If you have any questions and prefer not to talk to our team you may contact us by visiting Our contact page where you will be able to have any questions answered in a discreet manor.

Which areas does Watford Escorts Agency cover?

The agency covers all of Watford including its districts, so if you are in the WD3 postcode area our escorts would be available to you. Please see below for a complete list of our coverage areas.

  • WD3 - Rickmansworth including: Chorleywood, Croxley Green, Loudwater, Mill End, Maple Cross, Sarrat, Batchworth, Chenies, Harefield,
  • WD4 - Kings Langley including: Kings Langley, Chipperfield, Hunton Bridge, Rucklers Lane, Bucks Hill
  • WD5 - Abbots Langley including: Abbots Langley, Bedmond
  • WD6 - Borehamwood including: Borehamwood, Elstree, Well End
  • WD7 - Radlett including: Radlett, Shenley
  • WD17 - Watford town centre, Cassiobury, Nascot Wood
  • WD18 - Watford: West Watford, Holywell
  • WD19 - Watford: Oxhey, South Oxhey, Carpenders Park
  • WD20 - Bushey: Bushey Heath
  • WD24 - North Watford
  • WD25 - Garston, Leavesden, Aldenham, Letchmore Heath

Our agency has been built on integrity, honesty and discretion and is the foundation of our reputation. Please note that we are an outcall service only.

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The very latest post from Watford Escorts Agency.

Lets Talk About It - Breaking Up

Posted by admin, Last updated 3 months ago.

Are you the sort to ‘man up’ and chat with a partner face to face, explaining why it’s all over. Or do you leave a ‘Dear John’, a note telling your girlfriend that you are moving on to pastures new?

I think us girls are better at the whole splitting up scenario thing. Speaking with some other escorts about this we agreed that there are ways of dumping someone so subtly they don’t even realise until they find the bed empty that it’s even happened. This isn’t the same as a guy’s idea of subtle, i.e. saying “it’s my fault, not yours…” That just sounds so phoney! No, women know how to let a man down gently, and even when it’s all BS it will sound genuine, heartfelt and sincere.

A guy dumped me by text message once. It is the only time in my life that I was pushed before I shoved! LOL… Technically he didn’t even break up with me because I had already made it clear to him that I didn’t see any future in our relationship. I’ve always been single-minded and independent and there aren’t all that many men who can cope with a free spirited sexy girl who likes to play the field every so often. I mean, you only live once so you have to make the best of the good years when you are still young, hot and ever so desirable. Looks don’t last forever and let’s not pretend that lust is inspired by anything other than a great pair of tits and a fine arse!

So, if you want some inside knowledge on how to break up with that clingy girl after the honeymoon period has long since faded into a distant memory then just ask an escort!

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In the blog: Lets Talk About It - Cheating On A Partner

Lets Talk About It - Cheating On A Partner

Last updated 4 months ago.

I have had clients who just don’t get all that much affection at home and others who just need A break from domesticity. There are guys out there who are analogous to a caged lion and mowing the lawn on a Sunday and traipsing around a DIY store just isn’t...

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In the blog: Lets Talk About It - Flirting

Lets Talk About It - Flirting

Last updated 4 months ago.

Being flirtatious is part and parcel of my personality and what’s wrong with an innocent bit of innuendo anyway. Flirting comes naturally to me and I’m very comfortable in the company of saucy guys with a twinkle in their eye. To be fair to those who would be uncomfortable with a...

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In the blog: Lets Talk About It - Romantic Love

Lets Talk About It - Romantic Love

Last updated 4 months ago.

If you believe such a thing exists. When I have the ‘hots’ for someone I feel a physical thing going on inside of my body, a warmth in certain nether regions, butterflies in the stomach, a strange elation in my head. When I have been ‘in love’ it’s more of...

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In the blog: Lets Talk About It - Sex

Lets Talk About It - Sex

Last updated 4 months ago.

If you don’t believe me just pick up any tabloid newspaper and have a browse through it. If it isn’t ‘which celebrity is getting it on with which other celebrity’ it is who is breaking up with whom. Then there are the horoscopes which focus on sexual partners, marriage and...

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In the blog: Lets Talk About It - The Perfect Woman

Lets Talk About It - The Perfect Woman

Last updated 3 months ago.

Sometimes the compliment refers to my personality, my upbeat, outgoing and friendly attitude. Sometimes it refers to my physical attributes and my open minded nature. But it does make me wonder if there is such a thing as a ‘perfect woman’ because after all I know other escorts who have...

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