Lets talk about it - Cheating on a partner.

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Lets talk about it - Cheating on a partner

Posted by admin, Last updated 4 months ago.

I have had clients who just don’t get all that much affection at home and others who just need

A break from domesticity. There are guys out there who are analogous to a caged lion and mowing the lawn on a Sunday and traipsing around a DIY store just isn’t the real them and yet after a certain length of time married this is exactly what happens to some people – the fire and passion of the early part of a relationship replaced by the damp squib of suburban family life. Some of these men still love their partners but they need excitement, a little intimacy, a bit of flirty fun. And if they were to reveal their extra-curricular activities? Well, perish the thought.

Escorts are discrete, that’s a given in the profession. I like my clients and I want to give them a great time, every time. I want my dates to relax and fully enjoy the sensual massage experience. And I’d like to have some fun myself thanks! So, booking an escort is the best way to inject a little spark back into your life whilst all the while knowing that it is no-strings fun. Chat up that girl in your local boozer who keeps giving you the eye? Go for it, but do so knowing that there may be consequences.

A friend of mine actually specialises in dating married men. When I say ‘specialises’ I don’t mean that she has any particular attributes or qualifications that make her better suited to guys in relationships. I think she does it because she likes the thrill of it and the fact that it is ultimately going nowhere – she loves the single life. So, she has great fun each day, every day and gets paid for the privilege!