Lets talk about it - flirting.

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Lets talk about it - flirting

Posted by admin, Last updated 4 months ago.

Being flirtatious is part and parcel of my personality and what’s wrong with an innocent bit of innuendo anyway. Flirting comes naturally to me and I’m very comfortable in the company of saucy guys with a twinkle in their eye. 

To be fair to those who would be uncomfortable with a wife or girlfriend talking about sex – even if it’s done in a light-hearted kind of way - I suppose there have to be limits to any flirtatious interaction. If having a sexy laugh and joke with a guy turns into something more physical, say a hand on my thigh or a stroke of my cheek then I get it that a steady boyfriend might be less than happy. But then I prefer the single life anyway.

The only thing I would add is that not every guy recognises flirtatious behaviour for what it is. Actively encouraging a guy to chat me up doesn’t mean that anything more serious will come of it. Sex is not the only outcome, flirting in itself is fun and even satisfying on occasion. For one it reaffirms one’s sense of self – who doesn’t want to feel desired? It can also serve as good practice for those occasions when you meet someone you seriously do want to have a damn good hot sex session with! Escorts are naturally vivacious and flirty people. I like to have a good time and playing word games laced with innuendo and promise is one of the best ways to do that with your clothes on!