Lets talk about it - Romantic love.

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Lets talk about it - Romantic love

Posted by admin, Last updated 4 months ago.

If you believe such a thing exists. When I have the ‘hots’ for someone I feel a physical thing going on inside of my body, a warmth in certain nether regions, butterflies in the stomach, a strange elation in my head. When I have been ‘in love’ it’s more of a sickly feeling with occasional moments of intense joy – like spasms of happiness which quickly pass. But how are these physical manifestations of passion and intimacy represented in the rituals and tradition associated with St Valentine’s Day? I think not.

For starters let’s consider the gifts given on Valentine’s Day. I have variously received pink fluffy teddies, satin ‘hearts’, a solitary rose in a plastic tube and copious boxes of cheap chocolates. Now, whilst I accept that the chocolates gave me a sickly feeling I really can’t see what a high sugar and fat rush to the body has to do with affection, intimacy and hot sex, do you?

The gift of a rose? Well, I will give you that one. What with the soft and sensual petals and the thorns – love hurts after all – and the deep red colour, rich in symbolism and connotation I can see how red roses can represent something beyond themselves that we choose to call ‘love’. Of course the idea that love has anything to do with the heart is arrant nonsense. The heart is just an organ and its function is to pump blood around the body, nothing more. We experience love through the mind and, I guess, the reproductive organs.

The other thing about Valentine’s is the cheesy cards. ‘Roses are red, violets are blue…’ etc. It’s very poor poetry besides being totally unrepresentative of true and deep passionate loving. I don’t want my man to be sweet and he sure as hell better not hope that I am little miss sweet and innocent because I will eat him alive!