Lets talk about it - Sex.

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Lets talk about it - Sex

Posted by admin, Last updated 4 months ago.

If you don’t believe me just pick up any tabloid newspaper and have a browse through it. If it isn’t ‘which celebrity is getting it on with which other celebrity’ it is who is breaking up with whom. Then there are the horoscopes which focus on sexual partners, marriage and the like and you also have the problems’ pages which are dominated by sex.

In everyday conversations people will frequently talk about sex but they do so in such a stilted and prudish way. A book like ’50 Shades of Grey’ is a massive hit and yet it only touches on the more erotic or fetishist elements of sexual activity. And god forbid a person should sunbathe topless on a British beach. Even page 3 no longer has sexy topless models!

Personally I think we should all be more open and up front about our sexual desires and needs. It would be healthier to be honest about what makes us tick sexually. As liberated people we could fully explore our sensuality. But it’s not going to happen in my lifetime, at least not in the UK. But don’t think that it’s because I am an escort that I hold such liberal and open-minded views, though perhaps those attitudes inspired me to become an intimate companion. I’m well read and can tell you that there is plenty of research to suggest that people with fewere sexual hang ups live longer and live happier!