Lets talk about it - The perfect woman.

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Lets talk about it - The perfect woman

Posted by admin, Last updated 3 months ago.

Sometimes the compliment refers to my personality, my upbeat, outgoing and friendly attitude. Sometimes it refers to my physical attributes and my open minded nature. But it does make me wonder if there is such a thing as a ‘perfect woman’ because after all I know other escorts who have been called the same and yet they are quite different in appearance and personality to me.

Physically I suppose I meet all the stereotypical requirements of a hot babe. I’m petite, but not overly small. I am slim but not overly skinny. I have a pert rear and pert breasts. I am in my early twenties. I have long blonde hair and big, blue almond eyes. I have a certain way about me when I move, a sashay that drives men wild. So, you want a petite blonde bombshell with a wiggle to rival Monroe then I am your girl! And when you add to the mix the fact that I come across all sweet and innocent yet I am a very naughty girl you can see the appeal. I’m certainly in demand.

But take my friend Jenny. In contrast to me she is reasonably tall, has short brown hair, is a size twelve with a very ample bust and she is one of those smouldering, mysterious girls with smoky eyes and a sense of sexy danger about her. Polar opposites really… But both of us have our fan clubs.

If there is such a thing as the ‘perfect woman’ then it is a literary construct created in the imagination of a man with particular tastes in women. In real life a gorgeous girl can be big or small, skinny or voluptuous, black, white, blonde or brunette. But that’s physical stuff – what about personality.

Few men would cite the perfect woman as being moody or miserable, unfriendly and sullen. Most guys like a girl to be fun loving, sexually adventurous, up for anything, vivacious and full of life. So perhaps there is such a thing as the perfect woman after all, just that the formula must include the essential allure of a winning personality.